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EU-Shipping-BCE: ‘The role of Low Carbon Fuels in Decarbonising Maritime Transport’


Dear All,
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and arduous disturbance and turmoil to all aspects of life, health, societal inclusion, work, energy, all forms of transport, and the environment. Recovering from the ongoing pandemic continues to be an uphill battle for all, while the role of low carbon fuels in general and renewable energy sources has increased and intensified in the energy market. Before the global community could recover from the pandemic, the cruel war in Ukraine brought further destabilisation and havoc, especially in the energy and fuels markets.

Although the COP26 at Glasgow did not result in assurances that the target of 1.5°C will be achieved, it moved the global community in the right direction. However, the recent developments in Ukraine and the increased reliance on fossil fuels has brought uncertainties as to whether the decarbonisation targets will be met.

Maritime transport has been particularly hit, and now the urgency for the deployment of low carbon fuels is greater than ever. In the context of all these uncertainties and disorders, the opportunities for low carbon and renewable fuels to play a central role in the decarbonisation strategies of all nations are even greater.

Although the opportunities for low carbon and renewable fuels are significant, at the same time the maritime sector has never before faced so many obstacles and barriers to deploy innovative technologies into the various markets for low carbon products and services.

The EU-Shipping-BCE: The role of Low Carbon Fuels in Decarbonising Maritime Transport conference has been designed with the goal of addressing the opportunities and obstacles in a coherent and realistic manner, aiming to allow the stakeholders to design appropriate decarbonisation strategies for their maritime operations. The Conference will provide the opportunity for policy makers, the shipping industry, engine manufacturers, harbours, low carbon fuels providers, the academic world, and the European citizens to meet in an intensive three-day programme to exchange views and debate strategies.

Join your peers and other stakeholders from the diverse facets of the global maritime world, and contribute to the debate on how to overcome the barriers we face so that the shipping community can deliver the impacts needed for European and global citizens.

Kyriakos Maniatis, PhD.
Former European Commission Officer

Stamatis Kalligeros
Associate Professor, Hellenic Naval Academy


Decarbonising Maritime Transport is an urgent issue and needs attention by all involved stakeholders.

The Conference will address the available strategies in decarbonising maritime transport and the role of the existing and expected low carbon fuels along with their value chains.

Key stakeholders

Shipping representatives

Low carbon fuels industry

Policy and decision makers

Researchers for innovative solutions


Provide a snap-shot of the state of the art on low carbon fuels, inform policy makers, engage shipping representatives in a dialogue on urgent steps to be undertaken.


3 Days Conference

In presence and on-line

Sponsored by the industry

Networking Opportunities



Generating New Ideas
on urgent steps to be undertaken

For speakers

Kyriakos Maniatis

Stamatis Kalligeros

General info

Sinuo Sun

Marco Luschi

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