The EU-Shipping-BCE conference is extremely timely because the decarbonisation  of the maritime sector  is extremely high on the EU energy mobility climate policy agenda and ETA Florence, the organisers, , they have managed to gather  a wide array of experts in the sector coming from industry, officials from international organisations,  academics and basically they are giving  very interesting insights on the policy field and I really hope this becomes a general event so we can actually track the progress of the policy in the years to come that we have achieved at the EU decarbonisation target.

I just hope that this becomes a yearly event so that we can actually track the progress of the policy towards the full decarbonisation of the maritime sector.

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Angel Alvarez Alberdi

General Secretary , EWABA

I was very pleased to attend this year the EU-Shipping BCE conference. It’s a conference that was full of information about the maritime sector, exchange of ideas on how we can decarbonise the sector and the decarbonisation of the maritime sector is something that has to happen very soon. I’m looking forward to attending next year event as well and see how the progress has made throughout all the partners.

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Stella Bezergianni

Research Director and hydroprocessing group head, CERTH

This has been an excellent event in Athens where Greek shipping and International stakeholders have come together  for a really throughout conversation about how we get aligned, how do we make the big steps in sustainability in GHG reduction in shipping. So, I’ve really enjoyed the conference and learnt a lot and I  think we can make real progress.

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John Cooper

General Director, Fuels Europe

I was very happy and glad to participate in the EU-Shipping-BCE which is exactly the first European Biomass Conference and Exhibition on maritime transport and on the low carbon fuels to decarbonise the maritime transport. Coming from Greece, a country with a long naval history, back from the ancient times, I was very interested to participate and present the Greek perspectives on what the low carbon fuels could be produced in Greece. So, I was happy to present that some 4.5 terawatt/hour could be produced of biomass or bioenergy that would cover 5% of our natural gas import. All in all it was a very exciting conference which brought together people that tackled policy issues, technological and market developments and I really hope that this imitative will be further on in the future, maybe to be held again in Greece or in other maritime regions in Europe.

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Myrsini Christou

Head Biomass Department, CRES

I’m pleased to represent the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving here in Athens at the Eugenides Foundation at this exciting conference for EU-Shipping-BCE –The role of Low Carbon Fuels in Decarbonising Maritime Transport, there are so many important stakeholders  on stage from international  energy agencies, the European Commission, private entities, research institutes, universities, talking about the fuels  to be used, their cost, the technology, the processes, the regulations that should be imposed by the government and international bodies like the IMO, so to make this reality, to decarbonise maritime operations, so this is the right place to be, I think, to interact with the participants and I wish success to the conference. I would like to thank the organisers and hopefully you repeat this next year.

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Spyridon Economou

President, CRES

Maritime is one of the sectors that are hard to decarbonise and not only it is lacking behind in decarbonisation. That’s why this conference here is extremely important as we learn about the technology opportunities, about the policy positions and we bring together stakeholders that will uptake these solutions for the maritime. Such an important initiative that needs to be repeated as the technology developments, the policy developments evolve in time.

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Maria Georgiadou

Senior Expert – Renewable Energy R&I Policy, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

Great initiative focusing on the Maritime sector’s transition towards a non-fossil future, bringing together stakeholders from across the value chain and covering all options of the new alternative and complementary technological solutions that will be needed to achieve climate neutral maritime transport.

Congratulations to the organizing committee for the excellent organization and to the distinguished speakers for their fruitful contribution. It was my pleasure and honor to participate.

Liana Gouta

Energy Policy & International Affairs Director, Hellenic Petroleum

We are in the low carbon biofuels conference in the Eugenides Foundation in Athens. It has been a very nice event for these 2 first days, a lot of technical information on the use of biofuels, low carbon fuels for marine sector and also for other sectors, a lot of technical information which you cannot find elsewhere from experts in the area both in terms of production of biofuels and consumption of biofuels for the marine sector and their impact. We have very good attendance here in the room but also from the online participants. I hope, since this year has only be the first time that the event has been organised that this would become an institution and that next year we will have similar events. I think they are very very important for the European and the Greek marine industry, especially in transition period that we currently are, in terms of selecting the options about their future, what kind of fuel, what kind of technologies they can use , how we will make the transition for the marine sector, greening and decarbonising the marine sector. Very important conference. I’m looking forward to the next event.

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Leonidas Ntziachristos

Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & EMISIA

It’s a pleasure to finally be back in presence to a conference and specifically to this one that it’s in a very very nice venue, I have to admit, and it’s absolutely an interesting conference where the topic is on the edge of the discussion today about the alternative fuels. So I’m very happy to be here and to have again the possibility to strengthen my relations, to create new relations meeting people and I will invite everyone to consider being present for the next year. Thank you very much.

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Matteo Prussi

Senior Researcher, Polytechnic University of Turin, Energy Dept.

My name is Antonis Trakakis, at RINA I’m technical director of marine in Greece, I was very happy to participate in this conference and especially privileged to be as speaker as it was very informative, many questions addressed,  many issues as food for thought, hoping that this will repeat again in the future. Thank you.

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Antonios Trakakis

Technical Director, RINA

I’m present here at the EU-Shipping-BCE conference in Athens, in Greece,  and I think this conference is really in time to discuss all kinds of important matters that are related to renewable fuels in the maritime sector. We need to speed up addressing the climate impact of the maritime sector in a time that it is well, erm..!

What I liked about the conference is that there was a wide range of experts present and so far they have shown a really a willingness to explore and express their views on the topic, that means that we get a rich understanding of the issues that need to be addressed  in this sector and that it is very necessary to combat climate change.

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Eric van den Heuvel

Partner, Owner, Studio Gear Up